What are some advantages and disadvantages of recycling plastics?

recycling plastics What are some advantages and disadvantages of recycling plastics?

Recycling is good! It’s good for the environment, it’s good for practicing green-living, and plastic is bad for the environment because it takes hundreds of years to biodegrade. (which means it cannot just disappear into its surroundings)
We can use it for other stuff, we have less waste on the planet, which makes more room for living, less money is spent on using more resources to make plastic, and less energy is used to make newer plastic, which saves the economy some money

It take money, time, and energy to recycle plastic itself. Don’t forget, recycling plants also use electricity, as much as it recycles. We need to separate the plastic sometimes because it may be attached to other elements that need to be recycled differently. (You know those Sips iced Tea Boxes? They’re made with paper, plastic and metal, so there’s no way to recycle it.)

Source: yahoo answers

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