Practical Green Living Tips For the Average Family

Green family 300x300 Practical Green Living Tips For the Average Family

When it comes to adopting a green living lifestyle, let’s dispel the most common misconceptions people have right up front. Adopting a “green lifestyle” can be done gradually and DOES NOT mean you need to go out and start hugging trees in your backyard OR riding your scooter to work in the rain.

There are very, very simple changes you can make in your lifestyle, and make them gradually so that you will hardly even notice any “inconvenience” to living a more green life.  In fact, not only does adopting a green lifestyle mean saving on the earth’s finite resources, it also means saving money because a large part of living green involves saving energy; things like gasoline, electricity, heating oil, etc. So the lifestyle is actually easier on the budget and should give you more disposable income each month. Not a bad deal is it?

Here’s some simple tips and easy changes you can make to start living more eco-friendly:

Using Less Energy

Weather-proof your house, You’ll be very happily surprised at the amount of dollar savings you can achieve simply by getting an energy audit from your local power company and adopting the changes they suggest. Most utility companies offer this service at no charge and you should definitely take advantage of it if you haven’t already done so.

Believe it or not, simply doing the laundry is a huge user of energy. You need to heat the water to wash the clothes, then heat the clothes to dry them. Instead, try washing your clothes in cold water and also give the old-fashioned clothes line a try for drying your clothes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of money you can save by doing these two simple things.

Cut Down on Water Usage

Everyone likes a nice hot bath once in a while. Consider taking them less frequently as your typical bath will use up to 5 times more water and energy than a shower. Speaking of showers, buy one of those energy efficient shower heads that cut down on water flow by 1/3 to 1/2. This can be a huge hot water saver.

When you run your dishwasher, make sure that it is full so that you maximize each load and not unnecessarily waste hot water on partial loads. If you just have a few dishes to be cleaned, consider doing them by hand.

Getting Back and Forth to Work – Carpooling

Consider joining a car pool. Yes, it is not nearly as convenient as taking your own car to work, but for the extra time involved, you’ll see your gasoline bill plummet.

This list is just a very small number of the things you can do to start living greener. There are many websites that go into much more depth on things you can do to become a more eco-friendly member of the world community. One such site is listed below.

To find out more hints and tips on how you can gradually adopt a green living, eco-friendly lifestyle, you can find plenty of green living tips at The Living Green Club website. Logan Montrose is passionate about the subject but also has a practical understanding of what the average family is both willing and able to do in terms of lifestyle changes. He has become so enthused about the importance of educating as many people as possible about living a green lifestyle (and educating them that it does not involve large changes to their current lifestyle) that he has started a website devoted to the topic which can be found at

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