Don’t Throw Out That Empty Cereal Box!

I don’t know about your home, but with 2 kids, cereal is a staple in my house (Trader Joe’s O’s to be specific!).  It seems we always have empty cereal boxes.  Until recently, those boxes always ended up in the recycling bin.  However, I came across an article that provided some creative suggestions for reusing our cereal boxes instead.  I thought I’d share those with you today and maybe you will find them as useful as I have.

Gift Boxes

Yes, gift boxes can be purchased in stores, but why spend your money on unnecessary cardboard packaging that could be spent on the gifts themselves? Instead, make your own using empty cereal boxes. Cover them with pretty wallpaper, wrapping paper or even Contact paper. Their size and shape make cereal boxes perfect for holding lightweight clothing, books and other small gift items.  Recipients will appreciate the gifts, and they will not care, or even know, that the boxes were made to hold cereal instead of presents!

Magazine Storage and Organization

recycled magazine holder Dont Throw Out That Empty Cereal Box!How many times have you decided to save your favorite magazines only to have them end up with wrinkled or torn pages?  Cereal boxes actually make a great container for holding most magazine publications. You can wrap the boxes in plain brown paper taken from grocery bags (that you were going to recycle anyway!), and label them accordingly. You can even get fancy or make a statement by covering them with funky Contact paper or heavier wrapping paper.  Organize them on a shelf to safely store special magazines for future reference.

Make a Handy Open File Holder

cereal box paper organizer Dont Throw Out That Empty Cereal Box!

Almost every office desk has a file holder or paper organizer on it.  Instead of spending money on boring plastic ones, why not reuse your cereal boxes?  Take 2 or 3 cereal boxes that are all the same size, remove the top flaps, and cover them with pretty paper.  Reinforce them by placing sturdy cardboard between each box and secure them together with heavy-duty craft glue. They form a very handy open file holder. You now have a homemade file holder that can be placed on a desk and used to store and organize papers. Better yet, this file holder is just as good as or better than store-bought options, it is far cheaper and it can be personalized to coordinate with any office color or décor.

Create Flat Shipping Containers

cereal box shipping envelope Dont Throw Out That Empty Cereal Box!So you have to mail some paperwork and need one of those shipping envelopes.  You can certainly go to the post office and get a few, but why do that when you can make your own?  Cover the outer portion of empty cereal boxes with plain brown or white paper, and fold over the flaps. Securely hold the ends in place with clear box tape. Save dozens of cereal boxes, and make flat shipping containers before they are needed. This will save you time and money while making use of items that would otherwise end up in your recycle bin.

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