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14 Green Energy Saving And Money Saving Ideas

1. Buy store brands – they don’t advertise as much, so they don’t use as much paper and ink as name brands. They can also usually save 20-40% in cost as compared to name brands. 2. Avoid single use products, including prepackaged foods. 3. Minimize the number of trips to your local grocery store – buying a weeks (or months) worth of [ Read More → ]

Top 3 Tips To Get Your Kids Going Green

These are my top three tips for getting your kids thinking green and becoming sustainable. By becoming less wasteful, they will learn the impacts it has on your wallet and their surroundings, which will in turn help them become true citizens as they grow. Chances are their lifestyle choices can rub off on you, too! Teach the impacts of throwing away [ Read More → ]

Why Bother With Eco Friendly Living Anyway?

Before I even get into the specifics, you need to decide if greening your lifestyle is right for you. I’ll answer it for you: yes. If you think it’s totally lame, just do it and don’t talk about it. We’re behind the times and it’s strange because the results of eco friendly living will save you money and simplify your [ Read More → ]

How many types of energy saving light bulbs are there?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs, right now, are more ” eco-wise” then anything else most consumers can get a hold of (ie. incandescent) & currently save over 2000 times their own weight in greenhouse gases. But since ALL buildings & dwellings on The Ranch are completely on solar / wind & we REALLY need to watch usage, every light is fitted with [ Read More → ]

8 Energy saving tips for single family home

1. as you replace your light bulbs, switch them over to the compact florescent light bulbs–they do cost a little more to buy than the regular bulbs, but they last a whole lot longer and you’ll save money in the long run. 2. change your air filters in the house once a month (unless you are using a 3 month filter-then [ Read More → ]

Practical Green Living Tips For the Average Family

When it comes to adopting a green living lifestyle, let’s dispel the most common misconceptions people have right up front. Adopting a “green lifestyle” can be done gradually and DOES NOT mean you need to go out and start hugging trees in your backyard OR riding your scooter to work in the rain. There are very, very simple changes you can [ Read More → ]

How to Preserve Wood Furniture the Green Way: My Top 3 Tips

I’ve never been a fan of furniture polishes and waxes, as the toxic vapors would always make me sick. I figured there had to be green alternatives that are non-toxic and get the job done just as good. Here are my top three tips for keeping your furniture looking its best while saving money and avoiding the toxic [ Read More → ]

How To Go Green In 48 Hours Or Less

Most of us want to do the right thing when it comes to the environment, but with so much conflicting information we are all left a little confused and overwhelmed as to what to do about choosing to be green. Going green does not require a lot of sacrifice nor does it have to hurt you in the pocket. There are [ Read More → ]

Live Greener, Help Sustain Our World Longer

Some of the easiest steps we can take to living greener are often the most easily overlooked. It’s in the small things we do each day in which we may find bigger green lifestyle changes. Make one trip Stack doctor, dental, or other appointments in one day. Take the entire family at once if it is possible. You may be surprised how [ Read More → ]

What are some energy saving tips for home?

If you have single-pane windows you might want to consider investing in energy efficient double pane windows that will keep your heating/AC temps inside your house and not let them leak out, wasting more energy. if you are using heat or AC, keep all doors and windows closed. old appliances such as refrigerators also use alot of energy so new [ Read More → ]