5 ways to be eco-friendly at the office

green your office 300x224 5 ways to be eco friendly at the office

Living greener doesn’t have to end when you get to work. Here are 5 ways you can be more eco-friendly at the office.

1. Coffee fix
Small things can make a big difference. Consider your humble cup of coffee, the world’s second-most valuable legal commodity after oil, with environmental and social impacts to match.

2. Pens and pencils
Make a better impression in your written work by using long-life refillable pens made from recycled plastic, paper or timber, or from fully biodegradable bioplastic (derived from corn starch).

3. Food for thought
Buying your lunch is arguably more water- and energy-efficient than making it yourself – particularly if it involves heating – but a home-packed lunch is undoubtedly cheaper and produces less solid waste than take-out food…

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