Finding a Green Job

Where to start: E: The Environmental Magazine‘s list of booming eco-friendly job sectors is good place to start for inspiration. Grist, TreeHugger,, HotJobs, and Sustainable Business Green Dream Jobs‘ listings are drawn from throughout the country. Job Search specializes [ Read More → ]

Natural Sunscreens for Kids

natures-gate-kids-sunblockThese recommendations from The Daily Green showcase some of the most affordable and safest sunscreens for babies and kids. When choosing products to put on our children’s skin, many parents look for natural and organic options. Sunscreen, so important for protecting sensitive skin from damage, is no exception. For this feature, we took the top-rated natural sunscreens [ Read More → ]

Upcycle Your Wardrobe

old-clothesChanges in seasons and in fashion trends often means that our clothes are outdated well before they are worn out.  How can you keep your wardrobe fresh without spending a bundle?  These tips will save you money and will help prevent tons of textiles from ending up in our landfills. When it comes to recycling, or upcycling as it is known, [ Read More → ]

Too Hot? 6 Tips to Escape the Summer Heat

Summer_heatThis summer has been a scorcher for many places in the country and many of us choose to escape it with the press of a button. While the trusty air conditioning is a big reason that cities and suburbs can be built up they way they way they are, the cost of running your A/C is high and the [ Read More → ]

Creating a Green Roof

green-roofs-in-cityThough it is an idea that is still catching on, creating a green roof on your home not only enhances the natural beauty of the landscape but it also helps reduce the urban “heat island” effect.  On top of that, a roof top green space also creates a habitat for insects, song birds and other wild life, and it actually [ Read More → ]

The State of the World’s Oceans

barren-oceansWhen writing about ways to live a greener life, you sometimes come across articles that carry more importance than simply changing your light bulbs or installing weather stripping.   This is one of those times.  I came across this article by Bryan Walsh who contributes to Time Magazine.  It highlights the precarious state of the world’s oceans and what the changes [ Read More → ]

Is There Really A Monster In Your Child’s Room?

monster-under-bedThis is an interesting article by Irv Weinburg. You may not know it, but lurking behind the happy colors and cute images in your kids rooms are toxic avengers doing their dirty deeds. That just painted smell. That new carpet odor. They’re signals that chemicals are invading your space. This is especially important in the spaces our [ Read More → ]

Going Green When We Volunteer

green-volunteersMore than half of the adults in the US and a larger percentage of teenagers spend time each year volunteering for various causes.  However, finding the cause or organization that best suits your passions is not always the easiest task.  Here are 10 tips to consider as you are choosing an organization or cause you’d like to help as well [ Read More → ]

15 Affordable Green Projects – Part III

faucet-aeratorIn this last part in our series of affordable green projects for your home, we decided to look specifically at 5 projects that can be completed for $50 or less.  Again, our thanks to This Old House for the suggestions! 1.  Install aerators on all of your faucets and showerheads These small mesh screens are available at any local hardware or home [ Read More → ]

15 Affordable Green Projects – Part II

programmable-thermostatHere is Part II in our series about do it yourself green projects that are under $500.   These projects ideas came from an article on the This Old House website.  So, read on and then start your own green project to help make your home more environmentally friendly! 6. Install a programmable thermostat The purchase and installation of a programmable thermostat will [ Read More → ]